Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Healing Universe--Scalar Energy & Waves...

I just watched this wonderful movie about the universe and the healing Scalar Energy and Waves in which we live and are made of...
It is a very informative piece in very simple language with the best visuals,
to make anyone who is Curious about Energy Healing, be thoroughly engrossed.  Watch and copy and download to your website or blog... for free...from www.thehealinguniverse.com



Monday, January 2, 2012

AT The Hop...

Fifty years ago, I graduated from High School!  WHAT?!  It's True.  And this coming Sept., I will be attending our fiftieth high school reunion.  Where did the time go?!
We are now in 2012!  A year I could not ever imagine seeing, considering that as a teen, I used to believe I would not live past age 18.  Well here I am.  And glad I am!

I usually write a post on New Years Eve, but this past one, I did not.  Too many things going on all around me.  I just needed some chill time.  And rather than feeling obligated to write something.. I chose to pass until today..Jan 2, 2012.

In 2010, I wrote about my intentions for 2011, and here is my Report Card:

First and foremost, I spent a great deal of the year on health and recovery from injuries sustained in a Car Accident, in March 2008, and a fall I had at work in March 2009... beginning to think I need to be more aware and alert, in the month of March. 
That took a great deal of time and energy plus I have a job.  No excuse.
Just what is.  And, I have been healing fairly well... I am told that  shoulder
injuries take some time to recover from, especially when Surgery is Involved.  Unless it is a matter of life or death, I will never ever have
shoulder surgery again.  A miserable experience.

I made great gains in learning to love and forgive myself and others. I can honestly say that today, I am much more aware of my Sense of Worthiness, than I was on NYE 2010.
I took care of matters of  My Heart.  I had been carrying a Crush for far
too long, and finally declared my feelings and no matter what happens,
I am free of the Secret Love in My Heart.  Free to love and be loved,
again.  I learned many things about myself and my past from carrying that torch and the angst that came with it.  I was not able to let it go until It became clear that what I was wanting from her, had  more to do with what
I did not get in my early childhood and adolescent years, than wanting her love and attention. 
Oh, to be clear, I would not pass up a relationship with her now.  I am thankful that I can feel Love for her, even if she does not feel the same for me.  I feel fortunate, that I have acquired skills to deal with and process, emotional issues from the past, that come up in the present and make me feel like I am crazy.

I have made sure that I get up and move more and watched my diet, and I am doing flex and strength exercises for my shoulders.  However, I have taken on the NiteOwl sleeping cycle, mainly because of my work hours, but/and feel the need to right myself in that area.

I did not buy a stationary bicycle.. I joined the "Y."  I haven't be going as much as I wanted, but it's a new year, and I intend to go more often because
it is good exercise for my knees.

I did not keep up with actually writing in my journal,  because it was more
handy to write in my notepad on my iphone.  But this NYE, I did write
in my journal and realized, once again why I love to commune with my inner-self, in that manner.  I went to the OfcSupplies Store,  the day before
NYE, and stocked up on my favorite Pens.

I did not blog at all since NYE 2010.  So I have alot of catching up to do.

I am in touch with the local organization that deals with children that have
been sexually and physically assaulted, and plan to do some volunteer speaking for them to raise awareness of their valuable services.

I will be joining ToastMasters again, to do what I love best, write and tell
my stories.

I am also flirting with the idea of getting back into singing classes, for better concerts in the shower.  Thinking the neighbors would really appreciate that!
I intend to see more daylight!  Soak up more Rays.  Talk to the Trees and
remember to use Soft-Eyes when I am out and about.  It makes every leaf
on a bush or tree POP.  It also makes me more aware of our connectedness. 

Speaking of connectedness. I read about an exercise to make myself more aware of this sense of oneness,  and I have been practicing it.
 Example:  An SUV drove right up to my car's rear bumper.
And I couldn't go any faster.  He swerved around my left, gave me an
ugly look.  Drove ahead in and out of the lanes.  Driving Crazy.
I said to myself,  "Crazy Driver, expletive." 
Then, I remembered the exercise and corrected myself,   "WAIT, there I go, again, driving Crazy!"
It came a lot easier, this time.  It takes the emotional charge out of the moment!  Less Stress!

For the moment, That's all I am thinking of doing in 2012... Although I do have  more ideas brewing!

I am really looking forward to attending our 50th Reunion.  I found some videos, tonight, of  AMERICAN BANDSTAND DANCERS.  My classmates and I, used to hurry to my house, after school to watch them on TV.  We learned to do the Philly Slow Dance and Swing Dance, by simply watching.  I learned to Follow and lead.  Since I am going
to my 50th Reunion, this year, and we are going to have a HOP,  Thought it would be fun to include some dance videos.

Dancing makes me Happy!

(Warning. I don't know how to attach pics and
videos.. so hoping they show up;)

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Recipes: PappasConJuevo

My Grandma loved me. I knew it.
One of the ways I knew was that she made very special dishes for me! One favorite of mine and hers was PappasConJuevo. She would lovingly wash and slice a Couple of potatos, with skin on, and slice them into cottage fry pieces. Then she would stirfry them Til goldenBrown with some crispiness to them(knew I loved them like that)). At that point she added one or two eggs and scrambled them in Til eggs were well done. A little salt and pepper, and Voila: Yummy for her baby's Tummmy!
Her Baby is now grown-up and sometimes stirs-in good chunky salsa after the eggs!
Buen A ProVecho!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 Intentions ( do not read as Resolutions;)

2011 is Now!

The Ball fell in NYCTimes Square about 3hours ago, marking the arrival of

Every year at this time, I decide what resolutions or goals I want to
accomplish in the new year. And, like many of us, I am gun-ho for a few
weeks and then, magically, I forget;)

I stop doing the new things or not-so-new things that I thought I should
get my ass in gear for and do!
Then When I don't. I have one more reason to feel ashamed of myself for not
having the wherewithall to stick-to-it, and get it done. I disappoint myself.
Then I have another reason to get down on myself... to prove that I am not good
enough.. for the goals... which turns into FOR NOTHING... YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING.

A familiar voice from the past.. once again screams in my ear. But this time, it's my voice. A learned response by me, from the past.. I steadfastly, Demean and Deride myself. And once again I am back in that place of BELIEVING that I am not good enough.. Not Worthy.

I lose sight of the sense of Worthiness.. I know I was born with, and had beaten out of me.. not necessarily physically, so much as Mentally and emotionally.
Which can sometimes be worse than physical abuse. Your body can heal from physical trauma, with time.
And so can your Heart and Mind.. but with a lot of hard work, dedicated focus, attention and desire to heal, and make a new start.

I have been working on this issue, for what seems like all my live, in many varied ways. I have made much progress but never gone all the way.. that is to say, lose that sense of unworthiness, completely.

I am a Twitterer. I tweet, daily, on Twitter, along with many friends in my stream. Some I follow. Some follow me. And one of them is @LeslieSanchez. I follow her because I admire her dedication to her work and play. I enjoy living vicariously through some of her adventures. She posts pics on Twitpic(a place to post pics with descriptions) which makes her tweeting that much more fun to follow and read. Some can't say much with 140characters. And, others can, if they can be succinct and skillful at turning a phrase. And she does.
Recently, she retweeted, a TED Talk Tweet, about a speaker named @BreneBrown, from Houston, Texas. The title of her TED talk was/is The Power of Vulnerablilty. I clicked on the link and was blown away and mesmerized by the treasure trove of discovery in her talk. She was saying things that gave me a new way of thinking, about what I had been going through for years, in my self-discovery and self-empowerment work. How shame and fear and courage and letting yourself be seen and authenticity and more have such an effect on a person's Sense of Worthiness or Unworthiness. Her research led her to her own self discovery and she shared her story in a funny, endearing, compelling and enlightening way. I am grateful to Brene for sharing her Work and to Leslie for tweeting about it.

I have listened to that 20+min talk several times now. And each time I do, my mind allows a little more to filter in past the gatekeeper, that insists on believing, that I am not worthy of anything ... you name it.

So, I have decided on a list of intentions for 2011, that are things I love and things I fear, and gently allow myself to lean into them.. and let the discomfort that may come up, come up and move through it, by accepting it... not fighting it. BeCause, I am not perfect and that's ok.. it's what is.
I am enough.(just typing that makes me fearful)

My list: (not in order of importance)

*Learn to swim
*Join AMACs Speakers panel
*Record for the Blind English&Spanish
*Work on my book
*Blog more
*Eat more organic Fruits&Vegies
*Take care of my knees&shoulders
*Buy stationary bicycle
*Add flex&strength exercise
*Love some one
*Keep up with my daily journaling

This time, this year, this is a list of things I love to do. I will focus on them, not to lose weight or feel sexy or be better. No. To take care of myself with compassion, in a way I have never done before. To be on my side.

Persistance is my Middle name, when it comes to doing things for others... and this time I will use it for my own good.. for my health and well-being.. not to please any one else.
Wish me well. Thank You.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When Love Found Me...

It's Christmas Time and I seem to always find myself feeling a myriad of feelings, from fear&saddness to Peace&Joy.
When I was a babe, I loved Christmas.  I loved the Mexican chocolate and cinnamon toast my Grandma would make for me every night, before bedtime. 
We lived in Devine, Texas.  A small town just south of San Antonio.  Nights were so magical to me.. the diamond studded skies.. always made me feel an awesome feeling deep in my Soul. 
In the Summer, I would be out there til I was forced to come in and go to bed.  When all I wanted was to sit in my chair and stare at the wonderment of the skies and dream.  I had a knowing that I could never put into words.  Well I would know them in my mind but if I attempted to give them voice.. they would leave my mind.  That still puzzles me.

So when I had to go to bed, I made sure that I got the window side of the bed.. and stare at the sky until I fell asleep.  I would have wonderful dreams.  The kind that kids love to have... or at least the kind I loved.  It was many a time that I would dream of going out into the yard and finding coins and arrowheads under rocks.  When I woke from these dreams, I would run outside and go straight to that spot and sure enough.. the coins and arrowheads were right there where I dreamt they would be.
I wish that was still the case for me.
Now I dream things that are not concrete and real.. they're abstract and convoluted.
Oh, to be a child again...

I was about five when I first noticed a very pretty girl walking by our house headed to school.  I remember having an unfamiliar and pleasant feeling when I looked at her.  I was fascinated by her.  She was beautiful.  I waited for the appropriate time that she usually walked by.  I would imagine
what it would be like to talk to her.  I was shy, but one day when I was about seven, she walked by.. I walked up to her and asked her what her name was.  Deliah., she said.  What a lovely name.  Her voice played in my head til I went to sleep. 
I waited for her everyday and each time we talked a little more.  And each time we talked, I felt closer to her.  One day I realized that I loved her.  That I loved how I felt around her.  I never wanted her  to
leave when we were talking.  Never a touch.. but a longing that grew deeper and deeper.  That was my first encounter with Love.
Then one day, I moved with my family to San Antonio and I was devastated because I could not see her.  That was my first encounter with the pain that comes from separating from the one you love...

Vince Gill - When Love Finds You